Best RV Mattresses: 10 Options for Peaceful Sleep on Road Trips

Jen YoungJune 21, 2022

Best RV Mattresses: 10 Options for Peaceful Sleep on Road Trips
best rv mattress

There’s little to doubt that the stock mattresses offered by RV manufacturers often miss the mark. That’s why many campers end up replacing their original RV mattresses with brand new ones.

And that’s the right thing to do. The trip becomes less enjoyable when you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Since mattresses are the foundation of quality sleep, getting the best mattress for your RV bed is vital.

If you’re in the market for a new RV mattress, this article is for you. Here we list the ten best RV mattresses you can buy in 2022. Go through the list to find the mattress of your choice.

Can You Put Any Mattress in an RV?

Campers often ask if they can use their home mattresses for their RVs without running into trouble.

Yes, you can put any mattress, including those in your home, in an RV as long as they fit the dimensions of the bed. Also, you need to consider the foam and overall comfort. If they fulfill your preferences, there’s no harm in using a home mattress for an RV bed.

But RV mattresses are designed specifically for camping purposes. These are comparatively lighter, thinner, and smaller to account for the reduced space inside an RV or travel trailer. 

So is it worth buying an RV mattress instead of using the bedroom mattress? Yes, it’s very much worth it.

That being said, here are the top 10 RV mattresses you can buy in 2022:

ELATION Gel Foam RV Mattress W/ Organic Cotton

best rv mattress
  • Size – Up to 76″ X 80″
  • Foam – Gel memory
  • Firmness – Adjustable
  • Warranty – 15 years
  • Cost – $300-$670

This RV mattress from Elation is an all-round gel foam mattress designed to give you peaceful nights at an affordable price. 

This mattress has 1 inch of cool gel memory foam layer as its USP. It keeps the surface layer 1-2 degrees cooler than the regular memory foam layer. The layer wicks away heat and offers guaranteed dryness even on hot summer nights.

What’s even more impressive is it comes with an organic cotton cover that further aids breathability and air circulation. So if you constantly find yourself sweating in the middle of the night, this RV mattress is the right choice for you.

Underneath the gel layer is a 3.5-inch contouring support foam that adjusts to the shape of your body. Thus, it relieves pressure and ensures you wake up energized, not with a twinge.

Last but not least, the mattress has a high-density foam layer on the other side, which is firmer than the gel foam side. So you can adjust the firmness simply by flipping the mattress!

GhostBed RV mattress

  • Size – Short queen (60″ X 74″)
  • Foam – Gel memory
  • Firmness – Medium firm (7)
  • Warranty – 20 years
  • Cost – $697

The GhostBed RV mattress has four layers of premium comfort designed to fit any standard RV bed.

The topmost layer is a breathable plush-knit cover with antimicrobial properties. The second layer is a 2″ ghost bounce foam that offers spring-like support while you sleep. It also gives a firmer feel to the mattress.

A 2″ gel memory foam is the third layer and helps dissipate heat and relieve pressure by contouring your body. The last layer is a high-density foam that ensures ideal spinal alignment and durability. You can expect this mattress to last decades.

This mattress would most likely fit if your rig has a standard short queen bed.

Park Meadow Pocketed Coil Mattress

best rv mattress
  • Size – Up to 76″ X 60″ (60 different sizes)
  • Foam – Hybrid
  • Firmness – Medium firm (6)
  • Warranty – 20 years
  • Cost – $459-$849

The Park Meadow pocketed coil mattress offers an ideal balance of cushioning and firmness. With over 721 innerspring coils (nearly three times more than standard models), it provides superior support for your body while you sleep.

Innerspring mattresses are recommended for people with lower back pain because of the medium firmness level – not too hard or soft. The company allows you to adjust the firmness level to conform to your body shape and relieve lower back pain.

The mattress has luxurious quilting layers and a 2″ neutral soy foam to prevent the coil-like feel. The topmost layer is a breathable open-cell foam that combats heat-trapping and stays cool all night long.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

  • Size – Custom
  • Foam – Hybrid
  • Firmness – Soft (4), medium (6), firm (8)
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Cost – $524-$1124

A highly customizable hybrid RV mattress, the Signature is designed to accommodate a wide range of sleepers.

The individually encased Ascension coils and the hyper-responsive foam serve as the foundation of this mattress. Together, these ensure deeper compression support along with enhanced edge support. 

Knowing that one-size-fits-all doesn’t hold true, Brooklyn Bedding allows you to choose your firmness level. The medium firm is the most balanced for heavier sleepers. But you can purchase firm (8) if your body demands extra support.

The top layer is the proprietary gel-infused TitanFlex layer. It’s made specifically to be responsive and comforting to your skin. There’s also a secondary layer made with VariFlex polyfoam, making the mattress more adaptive.

Lastly, you have the 25″ high-density flex as the base to provide the necessary support required for bulky sleepers.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3

  • Size – Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King
  • Foam – Hybrid
  • Firmness – Medium-soft (5)
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Cost – $2299-$4798

Purple mattresses don’t come cheap. But they’re undoubtedly among the best mattresses for your RV beds.

The company’s best-selling product is the Hybrid Premier 3. Rated as a soft-medium mattress, it’s suited for most campers.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 comes with the patented Purple Grid technology. It’s a 3″ grid of hyper-elastic polymer that makes the surface more responsive and temperature-neutral. The stretchability (and adaptability) of the mattress is further amplified by the top StretchMax cover.

Campers with back problems will find the Hybrid Premier 3 efficacious. It is equipped with stainless steel coils wrapped in noise-reducing fabric. These directly aid the pressure points and offer superior support. 

The grid and coils work in tandem to adjust to your body posture as you move and readjust. So with Purple Hybrid Premier 3, look forward to a never-before life-changing sleep in a motorhome.

Bear Trek

Bear Mattress
  • Size – RV Bunk, RV Queen, RV King
  • Foam – Hybrid
  • Firmness – Firm (7)
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Cost – $385-$560

An RV mattress at 500 bucks with a lifetime warranty sounds too good to be true until you come across Bear Trek. Affordability is the mattress’s prime objective, but there’s no compromise on quality.

Bear Trek consists of three layers: a Celliant-blend cooling cover, foam comfort layers, and a solid base. The cooling layer is above average and does its job of reducing heat well. The same is true for the foam layer that adapts to your body and doesn’t let you sink deep. The base is there to provide the much-needed stability in an RV.

Rated as a firm mattress, Bear Trek offers the necessary push-back to keep your back straight and the spine in correct alignment. But it also has enough cushioning to not feel like a rock.

Available for queen and bunk RV beds, your search for a high-quality and affordable RV mattress might finally end with Bear Trek.

Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam 

  • Size – Twin, King, Full, Queen, Short Queen, RV King, RV Bunk
  • Foam – Memory foam
  • Firmness – Medium Soft (5), Medium (6), Firm (7)
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Cost – $205-$540

Wanderlust is an entry-level RV mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. With multiple foam layers and open-cell technology, it will surely put you into deep sleep faster.

There are two foam layers to make your sleep comfortable. The first layer is a swirl memory foam, and the second is the base layer made from high-density foam. The former provides contouring and pressure relief, while the latter provides stability while you sleep.

Another layer that the Wanderlust boasts of is the Nano Stain Terminator finish. It protects the mattress from accidental spills and stains, which are common on road trips.

The firmness of Wanderlust varies by thickness. It’s available in thicknesses ranging from 6″ to 14″, 6″ being the firmest while 14″ being the softest. And there’s everything in between. 

Along with thickness, you also have the luxury of selecting the size. Whether your RV has a short queen, twin, or bunk bed, you’ll find a mattress that fits the bed.


  • Size – Twin, King, Full, Queen, Short Queen, RV King, RV Bunk
  • Foam – Plant-based foam
  • Firmness – Firm (7)
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Cost – $200-$500

The Sedona mattress is marketed as an alternative to the fiber-filled mattresses that many campers find uncomfortable and prone to sagging.

With this mattress, you can have the much-needed firmness to sleep better and wake up energized. Bulky sleepers or campers with back pain issues will find this feature quite helpful.

Sedona uses high-density, plant-based foam as the primary layer. It is perfect for both back and side sleepers as it provides a supportive surface that prevents you from sinking in. 

Another benefit is contouring. The mattress recovers ten times faster than fiber-filled mattresses and adjusts to your body as you change posture during sleep.

The two other layers this mattress has are the no-slip fabric base layer and the top organic cotton cover. The base layer keeps the mattresses fixated on the bed and prevents slippage. Likewise, the topmost layer offers a smooth, luxurious feel. Since it’s made from organic cotton, it’s safe for campers with allergies.

Best Price RV Mattress

Best Price Mattress
  • Size – Twin, Twin XL, King, Full, Queen, Short Queen 
  • Foam – Green tea memory foam
  • Firmness – Medium Firm (6)
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Cost – $139-$205

Best Price mattresses are perhaps the cheapest mattresses you’ll find for your RV bed. The price tag of $139 fits most campers’ budgets.

This RV mattress is provided with temperature-reactive memory foam. So as you lay on it, the foam reacts to the temperature and adjusts to suit your body shape. This adjustment virtually eliminates all pressure points, thus allowing you to sleep deep and wake up rejuvenated.

Beneath the pressure relief foam is another foam layer, which is the high-density foam. It is intended to provide support and stability to sleepers. As you move around, it reduces motion transfer between you and your partner.

Best Price also makes its mattresses eco-friendly. This mattress, in particular, is made from green tea, which is beneficial for sleepers with sensitive skin or allergies.

ORB Performance Hybrid Mattress

  • Size – Twin, King, Full, Queen, RV Queen, RV King, Cal King
  • Foam – Hybrid
  • Firmness – Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Cost – $1413-$2297

The last mattress on this list is the Performance Hybrid mattress from Off-Road Bedding or ORB. They design premium mattresses specifically for off-road travel, and hence, they tend to be pricier.

The hybrid mattress is unique and utilizes FIR or Far Infrared Rays technology on the topmost layer. It turns your body heat into waves of energy that are transferred back to your body.

The layer beneath it is the proprietary Copper Gel Energex layer and works in tandem with the FIR tech. It draws excessive heat and creates an optimal sleeping surface.

Other layers include the 2″ TitanFlex hyper-elastic layer, 1″ gel swirl memory foam layer, 8″ Ascension encased coil layer and 1″ high-density base foam layer. All these layers have a specified functionality with the only objective of creating the best possible sleeping experience.

Available in three different firmness levels and as many as nine different sizes, you can select the mattress that best fits your sleeping style.

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