Last Minute Destinations For Fall RVing

Josh SchukmanSeptember 5, 2023

Last Minute Destinations For Fall RVing

Just because the air’s getting a little crisper doesn’t mean there isn’t more travel left in the tank. And with that cooler autumn air comes colorful leaf-peeping. 

That’s why we think autumn is one of the best seasons for an RVing journey. After all, why settle for leaf peeping from your car when you could take your home with you to enjoy fall foliage right from your campsite? 

To get you rolling right, we put together this list of the best last-minute destinations for fall RVing. These destinations lend themselves to spontaneous trip planning and leaf-peeper paradises. 

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Aspen — Colorado

Aspen, Colorado

The trees that are this town’s namesake explode in a cacophony of color during autumn. Couple that with abundant mountains and you have the sort of outdoorsy recipe that we’re all about. 

And while Aspen might be at the pricier end for hotel-bound folks, it can be supremely affordable for the RVing crowd. That’s because Aspen is surrounded by national forests and other campgrounds offering free and low-cost camping.

Check out activities like the Snowmass Bike Park, hikes like The Crater Lake Trail, a vibrant culinary scene, and all kinds of other autumn awesomeness when you park it here. 

RVs for rent near Aspen

P.S. If you make it to Southwest Colorado, be sure to check out Outdoorsy Bayfield — our very own campground near Durango and the San Juan Mountains. 

Yosemite Valley — California

Yosemite Valley in Claifornia

Yosemite National Park is a treasure that’s usually pretty packed during the summer. But in Autumn, the crowds roll and the weather stays pretty dang nice.

Couple that with the fact that you get to be a leaf peeper in some of the most spectacular valleys in the U.S. and you have a winning combo. 

Hikes like the Lower Yosemite Falls Trail and the Columbia Rock Trail reward you with sweeping views of the park in all its fall splendor. 

Post up at Outdoorsy Yosemite — our own RV campground on the shores of Bass Lake. You can even rent a camper to have it ready and waiting for you when you arrive.  

RVs for rent near Yosemite National Park

Vancouver Island — British Columbia

National park in Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is known for having some of the warmest and most temperate weather in all of Canada. Autumn is spectacular here because the diversity of trees explodes into a rainbow of colors. 

Start out by renting a rig in a place like Victoria, BC and rolling westward to a spot like Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Pacific Rim is a three-part park that offers a bit of everything — from old-growth forests to stunning beaches to rocky shorelines and mini tidal pools. 

Another fun pastime on the island involves skipping around to charming small towns like Sidney, Brentwood Bay, and Chemainus.

RVs for rent on Vancouver Island

Glacier National Park — Montana

Glacier National Park

We’re gonna let you in on a little secret…if you can sneak into Northwest Montana anytime from mid-September to mid-October, you’re likely to find (relatively) awesome prices, solid campground availability, and people-less hikes.

Yes the weather can be a bit of a wild card as you get further into October, but Going To The Sun Road and campgrounds like Apgar stay open until the snow starts flying. 

Grab a lower-than-average-priced flight into Kalispell, MT, rent a rig that offers airport pick-up, and roll from the tarmac right into this glacial paradise. 

And leaf peepers will be happy in this park because the variety of trees offer a smattering of color with mountainous backdrops.  

RVs for rent near Glacier National Park

Northern Arizona

Sedona Arizona Red Rocks

If you want sunny vibes in Autumn without risking a Phoenix style scorcher, then Northern Arizona could be the place for you. 

Spots like Sedona, Cottonwood, and Flagstaff are surrounded by mountains and red rock formations that’ll keep you jaw-dropped the whole time. 

Thousand Trails Verde Valley is one of our favorite spots to post up ‘round here because it has a winery in its backyard and puts you right between Cottonwood and Sedona. That sort of location places you a short trip from cool small town vibes, chill autumn hiking, and crisp mountain air. 

RVs for rent in Northern Arizona

Ozark National Forest — Arkansas

Road through the Ozarks

Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, the Ozark National Forest offers a lesser-known but equally stunning fall RVing adventure. 

With its charming small towns and rolling landscapes, this region is a hidden gem for fall foliage enthusiasts. 

Drive along the Pig Trail Scenic Byway, a winding route through forests and waterfalls that showcases a breathtaking mosaic of fall colors.

And for all you mountain bikers out there, Northwest Arkansas prides itself on having some of the best mountain biking trails in the nation

Great Smoky Mountains National Park — Tennessee and North Carolina

Road through the Great Smoky Mountains

Appalachia is a fall-lover’s dream. Autumn isn’t too hot or too cold here and you can experience world-class nature while you’re at it. 

East Tennessee is a unique spot because vast swaths of the American population can get here in ~8 hours or less, making it an ideal zone for a spontaneous fall RV trip. 

Smoky Mountains National Park is an iconic spot where you can hike places like the Rainbow Falls Trail, see wildlife like black bear cubs bumping about, and absorb some of the best leaf peeping our country has to offer. 

RVs for rent near Smoky Mountains National Park

Blue Ridge Parkway — Virginia and North Carolina

Blue Ridge Parkway

Spanning over 450 miles through the Appalachian Highlands, the Blue Ridge Parkway is renowned for its breathtaking vistas and stunning fall foliage. The journey is an artful blend of vibrant colors, meandering roads, and opportunities for outdoor exploration. 

Starting in Virginia and extending into North Carolina, this route offers numerous overlooks, hiking trails, and charming towns to explore along the way. You can jump onto the route at many points, so a spontaneous trip to this parkway is in range for lots of folks. 

Don’t miss out on visiting the Mabry Mill, one of the most photographed spots on the parkway, where you can relish in the autumn ambiance.

Check out these RVs for rent on the Virginia side of the parkway and these RVs for rent on the North Carolina side of the parkway

Acadia National Park — Maine

Acadia National Park

Nestled along the rugged coastline of Maine, Acadia National Park transforms into a fall wonderland during the autumn months. 

With its diverse landscape of mountains, forests, and shoreline, the park provides a spectacular canvas for nature’s seasonal display. The Park Loop Road is perfect for RVing, offering panoramic views of the coastline and opportunities to catch glimpses of moose and deer against the backdrop of colorful leaves.

Check out trails like The Beehive Loop Trail and the Gordon Mountain Loop to enjoy colorful mountain tops with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop. 

Whether or not you call yourself a leaf peeper, the above destinations are primo for last-minute Autumn trips. So, what are you waiting for? Dig into the spots above, find one near(ish) to you, and snag an RV to usher in a colorful fall.

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Josh and his wife traveled around the country in an '88 Airstream for 4+ years of full-time RVing. They made an unexpected pitstop in Montana in 2020 and haven't left since. That's because they got hooked on the glamping resort they run by Glacier National Park. Fittingly, they keep up their RVing love by renting out vintage Airstreams and other retro RVs to travelers hitting Montana.

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