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Is insurance available in New York?

We offer our $500,000 coverage in all states, but there are some limitations to how this coverage works in New York due to its unique regulatory environment. While we’re working on expanding our offerings there, here’s a look at the current state of NY coverage.


If your rig is registered in NY, our standard coverages are available to your guests, along with the convenient delivery coverage option. You can find out more about your protection here.

Motorized RVs

If your RV is registered in NY, we are unable to offer our coverage if your guest plans on traveling in the RV or moving the vehicle. However, we’re pleased to offer delivery coverage. This means you’re covered during the delivery and pickup of your vehicle, and your rig is covered during the rental while it remains stationary.

Additional FAQs

If a guest books my RV in another state but drives through New York, how does the coverage work? 

As long as the vehicle isn’t registered in New York and coverage is approved on the booking, guests can drive through the state with no issues.

Why does coverage work differently in NY? 

The NY Department of Financial Services does not currently support motorized insurance for several marketplace businesses, including Outdoorsy.

Along with our insurance partners and like-minded business ventures, we are continuing to investigate ways to cover your RV while renting within the state. However, until the regulatory environment changes, this means we are limited in our coverage offerings. We’re working hard to effect change here and will keep you up to date with progress as it happens.