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What is Outdoorsy’s INSTAmatch? What benefits do I receive?

INSTAmatch is, short and simple, a sales lead generator. A feature on the Outdoorsy dashboard (Dashboard > INSTAmatch), INSTAmatch connects you with people in your area who are looking for an RV rental, but have not yet found one. INSTAmatch looks at a renter’s initial RV rental request (be that a Class A, Class B, Class C, travel trailer, campervan, etc.) and matches their trip dates with owners who have similar, available options in their search area. The goal: To connect renters with an RV that fits their needs—fast.

Activating INSTAmatch for your listing is a great way to get some extra rentals or build up reviews when you’re just getting started on Outdoorsy. Without lifting a finger, you’ll receive a quick summary of a prospective renter’s trip in your inbox, and from there you can either send a quote or start a chat. Be sure to introduce yourself to the renter and explain why your rig is a great fit for their trip.

Sometimes you’ll get matches that might not make a lot of sense. You can either choose “not interested” or you can message the potential renter and see if they might be a good fit for your rig. Not every renter knows what they want, and INSTAmatch gives you an opportunity to snag a sale.

We know from our data that INSTAmatch is a great source of revenue, even though there’s occasionally some “mis-matches” between rigs and renters. You can always toggle this feature off in your dashboard if you don’t want to receive any matches, but we encourage all owners to utilize these leads to help their business. Think of it as all the leads with none of the marketing work!

Note: Not replying to an INSTAmatch will never hurt your response rate.