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Can I track where guests take my vehicle?

If you’d like to track the location of your RV rental, you can sign up for GPS tracking from our partner, Zubie.

Zubie offers:

  • GPS devices for both drivable and towable RVs — buy your devices at a special rate, or lease them.
  • Real-time vehicle location through their website or mobile app.
  • Geofencing alerts when your vehicle is in an area you’ve set as off-limits.
  • Mileage-based maintenance reminders. Plus, discounts at a national network of service shops.
  • Seasonal subscriptions: Pause your service during non-rental months.

To get Zubie’s special Outdoorsy rates, start at Outdoorsy.com/gps.

Note: If you go directly to the Zubie site, you won’t get the Outdoorsy rates.