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Do I have to pay taxes on what I earn with Outdoorsy?

Most likely. In general, any and all income you earn is taxable. That includes the income you earn on Outdoorsy, unless you’re exempt under U.S. tax code. 

Reporting your Outdoorsy income

Who gets a 1099-K tax form?

If you meet one of the below requirements, you’ll get a 1099-K tax form from Outdoorsy for the 2022 tax year. We’ll also send a copy to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

  • You had 200+ bookings and received more than $20,000 in reportable payments in 2022.
  • Or, Outdoorsy withheld taxes from your payouts for some or all of 2022. 
Who doesn’t get a 1099-K?

If you don’t meet either of the above requirements, you may not get a 1099-K from Outdoorsy. However, you’ll receive an annual accounting of your rentals to make tax reporting easier. Find it in your Dashboard, where you can review your earnings anytime.

Understanding your tax responsibilities 

You may be able to reduce how much of your income is subject to tax if you can claim certain business expenses as deductions. Be sure to consult a tax professional.

If you’re currently in tax withholding, it’s because you haven’t provided your tax information to us yet. We’re required by law to either have your tax information on file or to withhold taxes from your payouts and send them to the IRS.

It may not sound like a big deal to have your taxes withheld, but it is. It’s actually a risk. You may not get credit for the tax payments since they go to the IRS without your tax information. So, log in to Outdoorsy and complete your W-9 in the Tax docs section of your account.

In the meantime, we’ll keep a close eye on tax laws in case anything changes for the 2023 tax year. It’s possible that any host making at least $600 in 2023 will get a 1099-K for that year.