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RV Departure Form

When you meet with your renter for the first time, there’s a LOT to talk about. So we’ve made this a RV Departure Form as a checklist to help guide your walkthrough and assessment of the vehicle.

Before the renter arrives, make sure you’ve completed all tasks on the Pre-Arrival Checklist.

Our departure form covers the following steps:

  1. Damage Walkthrough
  2. Training Walkthrough
  3. RV/Trailer Set-Up Lesson
  4. Driving Lesson
  5. Final Condition Check
  6. Renter Responsibilities
  7. Mileage & Fuel Readings
  8. Sign-Off & Send-Off

Once all steps are completed, both you and the primary renter must sign off on the form.

Don’t forget: You could be the renter’s first introduction to your city and the Outdoorsy community, so be hospitable and send them off with a smile!