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What photos do I need to take during a key exchange?

You’ve got a confirmed booking! Your renters are about to arrive and head off on their adventure.

Before they depart, it’s required that you as the owner document the condition your RV is in prior to handing over the keys. All Outdoorsy claims require pre-trip photos taken within 24 hours of Departure and a signed RV Departure and Return Form should an accident happen on the road.

Here’s a handy list of the pics you need to take before your renter rolls out. You can take these on the Outdoorsy Pro app during the key exchange or you can upload them to your Owner Dashboard. You can also take them up to 24 hours in advance of Departure and upload them at your convenience!


  • Front of RV
  • Back of RV
  • Both sides
  • Roof
  • Undercarriage
  • Any pre-existing damage
  • Tires


  • Dashboard
  • Tank Levels
  • Odometer
  • Each room or space
  • Floors
  • Beds

Snap some pictures, get them uploaded, and you’re ready to send your renters on their merry way! 

What photos do I need to take when a renter returns my RV?

You’ll need to take the same photos (listed above) that you took when your renter departed within 48 hours of Return. That way, you’ll have proof if the renter caused damage to your RV during the rental period—just be sure you let us know if you need to file a claim as soon as possible so we can guide you through the claims process!